HappierAtSchool is mostly for students aged 13-18.

The idea is to help you be happier in and out of school, be it around confidence, identity, learning, exam success, assertiveness, or particular issues (like bullying).

It can be tough where you are now, but with some knowledge, tools and real strategies it can become much easier.

HappierAtSchool will provide you with practical tools to go for your goals whatever they are!

If I knew at your age what I know now there wouldn’t be anything that would phase me;  what I could achieve, believing in myself,  never worrying about failure, just be willing to try, not worrying about other people’s opinion… I’m passionate about this, to hear your views, problems, stories, ideas and solutions.

You are tomorrow’s future, we need your input and this blog is designed for you to share, ask for help, either personally or with an idea or project.  It’s meant to be supportive, innovative, helpful and fun. All contributions welcome, be it a question, to share an experience or give an opinion.  Over to you, what have you got to say? (Use the contact form below.)

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